Goggles, the new Google search engine for mobile phones

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December 11th, 2009  |  Published on: News

Goggle, the new Google search engine for mobile phones

Goggle, the new Google search engine for mobile phones

Google just announced the launch of Goggles, which if continues to be developed, without a doubt it’ll change the concept of internet search. For now, it’s only available for the Android systems, and it can be bought over the phone accessing AndroidMarket.

This new application “recognizes” a photo taken with the mobile phone camera and starts an automatic search regarding the content, with no need to introduce any word. Using different tools to explore the image, the program will immediately give us the most relevant searches.

As regards places, Goggles doesn’t even need the photo. With only focusing the camera on the place from which we want information, whether it is a monument or a store, and leaning on the GPS, this tool will provide us with all the information.

At the moment, Google Goggles has a limited use to places, books, contacts information, works of art, monuments, whines and brand logos, but in the future, it is estimated that it will identify food, animals, plants, and even suggest chess moves, taking into account the disposition of the pieces on the table.

This is a new effort by Google to keep on innovating. Regarding the images, it was already launched during the current year, Similar Images and then Image Swirl, which is a search engine that gathers the results based on the contrast similarities, color and the position of the objects.

The new technology, especially its potential more tan its current use, has caused more than one to be alert. Based on the assumption that Goggles will evolve till being able to identify people, many wonder what is the limit. Although the information collected by Goggles is protected by Google’s privacy policy, it can’t be assured how the giant internet uses it or will use it.

This way, Google adds to Google Maps, Froogle, Google Book Search, Google Earth, Google Scholar, Talk, Video and News, a new application that promises revolutionize the way to search on net of networks, even when it will cause a lot of controversy what will be the use of the information given.

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